Fun wall posters for your classroom or bedroom!

Free phonics board games. Great for review! Check out our Fun Phonics Chant video on YouTube Check out our free phonics anchor cards....great for games!

Lots of Fun wall posters to use either in your classroom, or at home. There's a wide range including verbs, plurals, weekdays, magic e, prepositions, occupations and more. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates on when new Fun Kids English Learning Resources become available.
To download, click on the thumbnail. Then, right click on the large image and 'save image as'.


Numbers 1~100 Wall Poster

1 ~ 100 

Numbers 100~100 Wall Poster

100 ~ 1000

'What Color Is It?' Wall Poster

Colors: What Color Is It?

'Magic e' Wall Poster

Magic e: Long Vowels

Verbs & Plurals: 'What Are They Doing?' Wall Poster

Verbs #1: What Are They Doing?

Prepositions: 'Where's the ~ ?' Wall Poster

Prepositions: Where's the ~ ?

Nouns: 'What Is It?' Wall Poster

What Is It?

Countries: 'Where Are They From?' Wall Poster

Where Are
They From?

Occupations: 'What Do They Do?' Wall Poster

Occupations: What Do They Do?

Plurals: 'What Are They?' Wall Poster

Plurals: What Are They?

Student Birthday Chart

Birthday Chart

'Days of the Week' Wall Poster

Days Of The Week

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