Fun Phonics Readers is an affordable reading program for any school.

"I can't ask parents to shell out money for  decodable readers that will be discarded quickly, nor can I afford to build a library of them, but I have no problem asking them to buy these. Vey well played!" Carl Zeman - Owner, OTB English
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Unlike the majority of children’s readers available on the market, Fun Phonics Readers have been produced in a big A4 full color format with 20 stories per bookWhy? Well...

We wanted to produce a book packed with lots of fun, colorful and easy-to-understand illustrations to guide and aid students' reading and to also stimulate their interest in books.
Book 1, 2 & 3

However, the primary reason for producing readers in this format was the affordability to schools and teachers. We found from our own experience (being school owners ourselves) that if we wished to implement a reading program in classes where all students were able to read the same stories in class at the same time, with all other readers on the market where individual stories were produced in individual books and then sold as sets, this meant that our school had to buy between 6 – 12 sets of each book. The cost of this can run into the thousands of dollars and become a huge expense for small schools.

This is why we have produced a set of books that contain 20 stories per book. For the majority of schools' business models, it is very manageable to include one book per student per year in the students' yearly text fee at a very reasonable price. 
This is a very affordable and cost effective way to introduce a reading program into your school!
If you'd like to discuss introducing a reading program into your school using Fun Phonics Readers, please feel free to contact us here. We're happy to help :)
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