"Aside from facts like they are colorful, well thought out, accessible, easy to use, fit Finding Out & will impress parents, etc. THEY ARE GREAT FOR STUDENTS!!" - Catriona Takeuchi - Owner, One World

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Phonics & Vocabulary
Fun Phonics Reader Book 3 contains 20 beautifully illustrated stories. All phonics from Finding Out 1, 2 and 3 are incorporated into Fun Phonics Readers Book 3. Again, phonics and vocabulary for previous books are recycled in Book 3.
As with book 2, language from book 3 also complements language targets from each respective unit of Finding Out 3.
Language targets are constantly recycled allowing students to review language studied in class, view it in context and aiding their understanding.

Fun Phonics Readers Book 3 Stories
Take a look inside Fun Phonics Readers Book 3 here.

Word Count
Fun Phonics Readers 3 stories range from 143 - 208 words per story.
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